The Record She Left Behind

The Record She Left Behind: I Dream Therefore I Am

Book CoverZerera travels to Earth from Andromeda galaxy where she was raised with the unique Exotica trees. She brings Exotica seed as gifts for Earthlings. Eventually, she realizes that her love for these trees has set in motion far-reaching consequences, some not so good, and it's her fault. Along the way, she befriends a dolphin, cougar, two Exotica trees, Hoover Indians, and a few other Earthlings in the AriCal sector of planet Earth. The Earthling Karen especially hates ETs. Zer's crewmates want her to work with Karen. The Zenobians, Exotica, dolphin, two young Earthling humans, and many of the Hoover Indians are telepathic.

There are now two books in The Record Keeper Series

by Patrice Sharpe-Sutton

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